MacBook Pro Ubuntu

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I've installed ubuntu and fedora on the older (non-touchbar) macbook pros and airs and it works pretty well - the only thing that was a pain was that it would eat through the battery quickly.

Bonjour, Mon iMac de 2008 a rendu l âme .

Installer Linux (Ubuntu/Debian) sur un MacBook Pro × Après avoir cliqué sur "Répondre" vous serez invité à vous connecter pour que votre message soit publié. Is there anyone here who uses ubuntu on Macbook? Mais j'ai pu constater un gros soucis : le wifi ne marche pas. J'ai un MacBook Pro avec macOS Catalina, depuis quelques temps, je me renseigne sur l'installation d'Ubuntu sur mon mac. En discutant avec des personnes au travail, on m a conseillé de me tourner vers Ubuntu.

Then, reboot MacBook Air, you can see the rEFInd menu right after you heard the startup sound, and you can boot into both Ubuntu and macOS.

I am thinking of buying a Macbook pro 16" primarily because of the hardware but I really want to stick with Linux for most of development work. But you can use Iwamatsu's D-I. Discuss: Best MacBook Pro alternatives for 2020 Sign in to comment.
So I was thinking if it is possible to dual boot on a Macbook? :bigtears: Je souhaiterais pouvoir le remplacer mais au vu des prix actuels, j'hésite fortement de le remplacer par un mec Book pro. I prefer Linux by a wide margin, so I have Linux on my MacBook Air 2014 (actually, I have MacOS 10.14 and 10.15, then Ubuntu 20.04 and Manjaro).

I could not find any articles online about the latest MacBook.

For MacBook Pro 13 (8,1) First of all, it is important that you read carefully the MacBook Install Section of Debian Wiki, so that you can prepare your Macbook Pro, and understand the terms needed for proceeding with the installation. × Attention, ce sujet est très ancien. I'd give either of those a try as well as slack - just keep loading up usb sticks until you find something you like!

J'ai donc cherché des tutos sur YouTube, il y aurait apparemment un moyen de faire fonctionner le wifi. For Macs that only have Broadcom wireless card, you won't able to connect to network. Not ideal, but it does what I need without the need to buy a new machine. For MacBook Pro 13 (7,1) (Obsolete with squeeze) Current installer can not install. Battery life is mediocre at about 5 hours with normal use and I have to hunt down a wifi driver for many OSs.

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